We've all done it.  Our kids wait until the last minute to start a school project and out of sheer frustration, or maybe because we think we can get them a better grade, we get involved.  Let's be clear about this.  We were already going to be involved.  What I'm talking about here is getting INVOLVED.  Not EXACTLY doing the project for them.  But not quite encouraging them to turn in their own work.  However good or bad it is.  However on time or, more likely, late.
    One of our boys has had the paperwork for his science project on my desk since the first of September.  He's got his plan all figured out...in his head.  Nothing is yet on paper, though the project is due on Friday.  More specifically, the science project is due by 9a.m. on Friday, no late acceptance.
    His science teacher is very specific about her expectations, which is a good thing.  A very good thing.  I've read through the five pages of instructions and I think I've got this.  Which is fine, except for the fact that it is my son who needs to "get it".

     I was the one scrambling from store to store yesterday looking for the right kind of poster board since we have four of the wrong kind!  He doesn't seem jazzed at all about the project, though I'm starting to sweat it a bit.
    In fact, I've started jotting down notes for him to consider as well as ideas that I think that he should implement.  I've even consulted in a "science expert" (you know who you are!) and we have collectively formulated hypothesis, questions, control factors, etc.
    In my mind, I can visualize the final product.  The tri-fold poster board is a spectacular and colorful creation of science wisdom and knowledge and facts...and stuff.  And I'm looking forward to the A (PLUS!) that I fully expect to receive for all of my hard work and the hours dedicated to this assignment.  I can only hope that my son is as excited as I am...



JoAnne McPherson
10/27/2011 21:29

OMG! I thought we were the only parents "involved" so much in the Science Fair projects. It got to be that we cheered when she graduated High School b/c we knew we were finally done with them! I'll never forget the one where she decided what to do her project on and turned everything for the "prework" in and didn't say a word until she had to figure out exactly how to implement it. And I had no idea how to implement it. It was on bridge trusses and the strenght of different designs. Yikes! And while running the actual test, my kitchen stock pot got a serious dent in it. The sacrifices we make for our kids!


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