Every year at this time I am convinced that there has to be a better way.  A more systematic approach, if you will.  Inevitably, signing up for sports and school occur at nearly the same time and I am always left wondering, "why all the paperwork"?
    Of course it's necessary that basic information be provided.  After all, I would hate for you to not be able to make a doctor's appointment in case of an emergency!  Come to think of it, when sending the boys home sick, why do they call me without having called to schedule a doctor's appointment first?  Why not call the doctor and make them an appointment for me while I hop in the car to pick them up?    And really, is it terribly important that every teacher, coach, school nurse and administrator know not only all of the races/ethnicities that make up our children, but which one of them is dominant as well?!  Surely not. 
    I am convinced that on occasion the powers that be look at the amount of paperwork to be filled out and find it lacking in volume.  Thus, some poor underpaid secretary is inevitably tasked with providing more questions to be answered by time-challenged and often weary parents and guardians.  The question I lob back is this: Do you realize that approximately 70% of the questions on this next-to-last page were answered on pages one and two of your questionnaire???
    And at this time every year I think to myself, "if only I knew how to create the software to store all of this data in a central location I would be set for life"!



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