I like to think that when it comes to moving preparations, I'm fairly organized.  I know when and what needs to be set aside, closed out, disconnected, etc. and expect that because I am aware of these things each move will go flawlessly.  At the end of each of our moves, however, I have looked back and laughed at what can only be described as my naivety!
    Here are a few of the things that went ultra-smoothly during this move:
  • After the movers left for the "last time" we discovered a closet full of boxes, hose caddy and a custom-built ladder chair.
  • The flip flops that I purchased and set aside (as far as I was concerned, they were set aside, not to mention OBVIOUS since we were moving to Hawaii!) were promptly packed.
  • On the last day the boys went to school (and again, after the movers had cleared the house and left) I picked them up only to discover that one of them had FOUR winter coats and TWO trumpets (and a partridge in a pear tree!) in his locker!
  • Had handwritten prescriptions from the doctor so that we wouldn't run into trouble with refills once we left Kentucky only to find out that Hawaii, unlike other states, does not except them from out of state.  Couple that with the fact that we have been assigned a doctor who doesn't believe in medications (she doesn't give her autistic son medication and can't imagine why we'd give it to a child with ADHD).  Note to self...contact tricare and request a change in primary care physicians ASAP!
  • Haven't seen my cell phone since the day after we arrived in Kansas...that was about three weeks ago!
  • Loaded movies, books and games on the computer and the Nook Color only to leave the Nook charger in Kansas and run out of power to both shortly after our flight from Denver to Hawaii took off.
  • I packed everyone's swimsuit in the same bag and, in a separate bag packed a wide variety of beach toys and extras only to realize upon landing in Hawaii that the beach extras had been packed by the movers and the bag of swimwear was left in Kansas!
  • Went to purchase various sundries from the gift shop only to discover that the credit card company had put a freeze on my card as a part of it's fraud protection efforts (which I would have known immediately had I still had my cell phone!)  Guess there was really no way for them to know that it was being used in Hawaii because we had moved...!
    I am sharing what can only be considered the short list.  But you get the idea!  And all I can do is sit back and laugh at myself because I really, Really, REALLY BELIEVED that I had things under control...HA!  Hopefully our black lab Cadee will have an uneventful trip when it's time for her to come to Hawaii...


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