In a box somewhere at sea is a plaque that a dear friend gave me.  It reads, "Home is where the army sends us."  For the past four weeks, as well as the next four weeks, home is the Embassy Suites Waikiki Beach while we wait for another family to clear the quarters that are to become our home.
    I must admit, I don't mind at all that a very sweet housekeeper comes into our home everyday and tidies for us.  I don't hate it at all that she picks up the wet beach towels, vacuums and makes the beds (including mine!).  The cooked to order breakfast is yummy as well as convenient.  And the manger's reception has been a nice way to connect with Mike after his day at work and my day spent corralling the boys.  Our current "home" also provides nightly entertainment and we are now considered groupies to a local band that comes to the Embassy Suites twice a week.  In fact, we know their playlist almost as well as they do! 
    I haven't ANY complaints...I really don't!  I DO have a small list of things that I'm looking forward to, though.  I'm looking forward to moving into our home for the next three years and "setting up shop".  The boys are looking forward to meeting the kids in the neighborhood and making new friends who aren't visiting tourists for the week.  We all miss Cadee terribly and can hardly wait to see her!  And, not that anything other than flip flops is really required, it will be nice to choose from my extensive shoe collection!  In particular, I can't wait for my sequin pumps and my did I ever let those get packed?!
    For the moment, however, we will continue to take the advice of a very good friend and use this time at the Embassy Suites Waikiki Beach to live like tourists.  Because as much as the boys and I would love to see this as a three-year vacation, the truth is that once we settle into our "real home", "real life" will set in.  And when the time comes for us to leave this beautiful place, I want to be able to say that we did it all!



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