Since the marathon, I have been in a frenzy with moving preparations and have neglected to blog.  Much of moving is "hurry up and wait" and as I sit here waiting for the movers to arrive this morning I've had time to reflect on some of our previous moves. 
    "You guys are lucky the army moves you."  I LOVE this line!  And yes, it's true that the army pays for the move and for that I am deeply grateful.  The soldiers are too, particularly since the PCS destination is occasionally less than desirable and were it not for the army packing the family out, the move may never happen!  But I feel obligated to defend myself when someone says this to me.
     The reality is that our household goods are much like a scratch 'n dent sale these days.  With every move they have "taken a hit".  There are certain chairs in our house that I will never (NEVER!) sit probably isn't safe.  And just so you know, our coffee table is NOT an just looks like one! 
    It's not that I blame the movers for the damage, it's inevitable really.  It's just that it's easier to keep an eagle eye on things so that you can help when things get a little dicey.  Also, there are a few things that I just don't think I could handle.  For example, say that the bathroom is completely packed but there's still a good amount of room in the box and the kitchen silverware would fit perfectly.  NO!  Absolutely NOT!  I don't want to unpack the box and find that the neatly packed silverware has shifted during the move and is now emptied into the bathroom wastebasket!  Why, I'd have to replace the entire kitchen!
    Of course, it's not just the packers and the movers who need supervision.  Mike and I pay attention because otherwise I'll let them pack all of the boys shoes...all of them!  Or, as in our current move, it didn't occur to me to make sure that the boys still had a blanket after requesting that their beds be left until the very last day so that they could still sleep in them!  Bedtime arrived the other night and there was quite a commotion as the boys went room-to-room among sealed boxes in search of a blanket.  It was every man for himself!
    I worry about what will happen when Mike retires.  Right now, we move every 1-3 years (or in this case, just under a year).  I try to keep the house pretty clean (though it was much harder during marathon training!) and I move the furniture to get behind it and underneath it so that I can keep up with any unknown "science projects" that the boys may have going on.  I see what kind of cleaning has to be done once the house has been emptied, what kind of unseen funk will we live in once we've lived in the same home for several years?!  Should we move all of the furniture into the yard once a year to truly clean the house out?!  Again, this worries me...
    Ahhhh...the movers have arrived and they are ready to roll! 



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