I have neglected blogging in the past few weeks for a variety of reasons...spring break travels, little league practices and lately, preparing for our PCS to Hawaii.  In fact, there are so many things to do before we move, big and little, that I've started writing my "To Do List" on my hand in permanent marker!  I figure that surely I'll have accomplished whatever the task may be before I eventually wash it off of my hand, right?!
    Because of the weather in the mid-west, little league practices and games have been few and far between.  For the Bell boys, this is particularly sad since they knew going into the season that they wouldn't be able to finish it with their teams before it was time to head to the next duty station.  But, troopers that they are, they agreed to get whatever field time in that they could and root for their teams from afar when the time comes.  At this point, I'm really hoping that they each get to play at least one game before we head out!  Alas, the rain has stopped but the fields are filled with water.  My husband, redneck that he is, has a plan.  He thinks that they should just pour some gasoline onto the fields and light 'em up to take care of the standing water issue.  After all, the show must go on!
    After spending the entire day in one of the boys' rooms yesterday, Mike came home from work and informed me that we were awfully close on the weight limit with household goods when we got here and we would therefore need to pare it down before the packers arrive.  Up to this point, I was rather proud of the six bags I had donated to Goodwill as well as the two bags that I had decided to just go ahead and pitch.  Hearing his declaration, however, sent me into a bit of a tailspin as I looked around the house wondering what we could do without.  As panic made it's home in my chest, I did what always helps me to relax...I went shopping!  (Shhhhhhhhhh...don't tell Mike!  No need to alarm him!) 
    So today I will once again work on purging the house of unnecessary items.  But I will look good doing it in my new jeans!



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