I won't lie...I was a bit relieved when it was time for the boys to head to school this morning.  After all, today is the first of April.  April Fool's Day is a favorite of mine...so long as I'm the one pulling off the pranks! 
    I'll admit, Logan started off pretty well.  "Hey, mom!  Cole's mom just sent me a text...there's no school today!  It got canceled!"  I was momentarily miffed before responding "Good one."  Unfortunately I wasn't at the top of my game because had I been, I would have responded "Cool.  Go back to sleep!"  He, of course would've asked, "Really?!"  And I would've replied, "Nope."  But alas, that's not how it happened.
    This morning I learned that each of our boys is right on par with age-appropriate pranks.  Logan came through with what you would expect from a 13-yr. old.  Koty is nine and Garren is seven so their jokes on each other (and mom!) were more of the "you've got something on your shirt" or "mom, who's standing behind you?" caliber.  So why was I relieved for them to head to school?  Clearly I wasn't at the top of my game with Logan and I was honestly afraid that "Pete" and "Repeat" were actually going to successfully play a prank on me!  The odds of their success are significantly reduced with them at school for the next several hours!  (I admit it, I'm a sissy!)
    One day I hope to have the opportunity to recycle a joke that was played on me about ten years ago.  (Donna Ostrowski, I STILL tip my hat to you as the most clever April Fool's Day Prankster EVER!)  On that particular April First, I arrived at work and began sifting through notes and phone messages on my desk when I came across one from Mr. Suez.  Unsure of who Mr. Suez was or what his request was for, I immediately called the number back.  The sweetest Asian lady (well, besides my sister Tamara's in-laws, of course!) answered the phone on the other end, "Happy Shoe Company, how can I help you?"  Of course, I STILL didn't realize what was happening, nor did I see the wide grin on my friend Donna's face.  So......I said, "May I please speak with Mr. Suez?"  (For those of you who, like me way back when, don't get what's happening yet, Suez was pronounced SHOES!  Now you're up to speed.)
     I still wonder who felt more "pranked"  Mrs. SHOES or me?!?!?!



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