Still don't know "exactly" when complete chaos is going to erupt, but the rumblings have begun!  On one hand, this is the PERFECT time for me to work on my book!  On the other, I really, Really, REALLY need to start weeding out our "junk"!
    Our household goods have been over the weight limit for most of our moves and without making some serious donations to the local Goodwill, this will be another "fat move". 
    So, where to start?  Obviously, our garage!  Looks like my SUV will not be making the move, so that's a start.  But that still leaves the Harley (CLEARLY on the IMPORTANT list!), Mike's SUV, and the Opel GT.  Guess I've already done what I could with the garage, so...moving on!
    The basement!  How 'bout we get rid of the "spare" treadmill (along with my spare tire?!) that I've been meaning to get repaired.  (Sure wish I hadn't dropped part of it during our last move!)  And it's been nearly two years since I've gone through the Christmas decorations, though I've added significantly to the holiday bins.  Time to pick and choose.
    So far, so good.  I've made some real progress this morning!  Unfortunately, it's not until we arrive in the main areas of the house that it gets a little treacherous!  The kitchen....oh my!  The boys books and toys, clothes...and what about my closet?! 
    I'm exhausted already..........!



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