THE KITCHEN!  I really, Really, REALLY dislike unpacking the kitchen!  Without fail, the kitchen is the room with the most packing boxes assigned to it.
    This go round, I've determined that the kitchen is not going to be the bane of my existence.  So, starting today, I am going to SERIOUSLY purge the kitchen of unnecessary stuff.  After all, with the amount of gear stored in ours, you would think that I was responsible for food prep for half of the Fort Knox Installation!  (Oh how I love to use the same cool-looking utensils, pots and pans that they use on Food Network!)
    But it's not the three complete sets of pots and pans, the four sets of silverware the myriad of cups, glasses and coffee mugs that make the kitchen the most time-consuming room to unpack.  Not even close!  Nor is it the cleaning supplies kept underneath the sink....those don't even make the move!
    It's the junk drawer, the spice cabinet and the medicine cabinet.  It's the dry goods in the pantry.  Oh, how I abhor unpacking the "dry goods"!  In spite of the fact that those items have all spent time in warehouses before, the idea that my dry goods box may have been stacked on top of  (or worse, underneath!) a box from one of the bathrooms creeps me out.  Unreasonable?  Absolutely!  But still...
    And, nine times out of ten, we have office supplies in another area of the kitchen.  (We have been very fortunate with the amount of kitchen space in our base housing.)
    The long and short of it is that while I may be able to eliminate a box or two from the kitchen for our pending move it will undoubtedly still be the most tedious room to put together.



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