Not to be confused with P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), P.T. is the army's required weekday fitness programLiving next to a large field allows our family a fantastic view of Fort Knox soldiers gearing up for a unit run, soccer and football games as well as a variety of other spirited competitions, not to mention weight training in the gym.  But it is always the run that fascinates me.
    I enjoy running.  Okay, sometimes I enjoy hating running.  But it's something that I do everyday, either way.  For me, though, it is an individual activity and very seldom to I deviate and run with a friend.
    I run solo because I don't want someone to have to keep up with me.  Or, more likely, to have to wait for me.  While running, I also have a great deal of difficulty holding a conversation while struggling for each gulp of air.  My friend Annie knows this about me....and doesn't care!  She is a rock star when it comes to running!  Annie will adjust her running/walking routine to accommodate my crawling/rolling technique.
    The long and short of it is, though, that the time I spend running is "me time".  I have spent several (more than one, at least!) half-marathons perfecting the art of ignoring everyone else involved so that I may remain in my "zone".  Unit runs require "crowd participation", something that I simply cannot offer.  Again, every intake of air is precious and valued.  Repeating after the leader "I don't know but I've been told...." while running with a group of people at a pace which is not my own....that just sounds too complicated!
    As for me and my run, I will continue to go solo (even in a crowd of half-marathoners) while lip-synching, thank you very much!



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