As the mom of three boys, I have come to anticipate the unexpected.  Occasionally, though, I am thrown for a loop.
    During our last move to Kansas, the boys and I had the opportunity to spend time with Nana (my mom's mom) who moved to Kansas from Florida so that Mimi and Papa could help care for her after Grampie died several years ago.    
     For years, Nana has been just shy of blind.  She has handled this valiantly with, of course, the constant care and attention of Mimi and Papa.  Nana is a kind woman who, despite her failed eyesight, has been able to maintain her sense of humor, smile and yes, even the twinkle in her eyes.  This is a good thing because her "favorite grandson-in-law" Mike (just ask him, he'll tell you!) is quite ORNERY!  Once, while at the waterpark, Mike offered to help Nana find a place to sit.  I watched in admiration as my husband took Nana by the arm and slowly began to lead her...RIGHT INTO THE WATER!
    Nana is coming to stay with us for a week and Mike is already grinning like a cheshire cat.  You see, Nana wasn't upset in the least by the water park incident.  She thinks Mike is hilarious!  She's going to have to remember, though, to bring her "A Game"!
    Before heading off to school this morning, I gave the boys the exciting news of Nana's visit next week which was met with a great deal of excitement.  No one, however, was more thrilled than Garren who exclaimed "You mean she hasn't passed away yet?!"
    Ah...out of the mouths of babes.



03/01/2011 08:19

WOW! I think that's just awesome! I am surprised but happy for you that she is coming! Garren is a crack up! LOVE YA! NOW, you can start following our craz-A blog :)


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