A few days ago some good friends of ours went from being Army Reserve to officially active duty/in the army now.  With their new status comes a move...overseas!  I was instantly very excited for them, but sensed just the slightest hesitation from the wife.
    Mike (and our friend, Mike) asked if I would talk with her and give her any information and advice that I thought might be helpful to them.  After all, this is their first "pcs"!  After giving it some thought, I have indeed come up with some "words of wisdom", though I don't really know how "wise" they are.
    And, thanks to our friends, I have penned (plunked the computer keys) of one of the chapters in my book which I must admit had stalled a bit since finding out about our upcoming move to Hawaii.  My feelings weren't completely hurt about the stall in writing as I imagined completing my book in Hawaii while gazing out at the ocean, freshly pedicured feet with summer red toenails peeking from beneath the sand, wide-brim hat blowing in the wind, umbrella drink in hand.....  Unfortunately, that's NOT how it will happen, but a girl can dream!  Anyway, back to the moving advice...
    I came up with a list of things that I think are important to the success of a military move.  Any move, really.  First and foremost, HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR!  Moving is stressful....have you ever heard anyone refer to it as a walk in the park?  I think not.  Some things simply cannot be changed by crying and/or stomping of your feet.  It's best to find comedy relief wherever you can.
    Secondly, recognize that there is, in fact, a difference between that which is important and that which is necessary.  For instance, I can't replace the first baseball that our oldest son Logan hit out of the ballpark.  With that in mind, when it's time to pack the baseball goes into my suitcase.  After all, IF a box of our "stuff" is to be lost during our move, it will surely be the one with every item of any sentimental value in it!  That's just how it goes.  Necessary items include birth certificates, car registrations/receipts, shot records, school physicals....anything that is a pain to replace and must be in hand to enroll your children in school!  While some areas are flexible and will give a "grace period" to locate the paperwork, others are firm and will not allow your children to enroll until all paperwork is present, completed and accounted for.  I know this because the boys got an extra two weeks of vacation during our fall move to Virginia.  Lesson learned...I will NEVER forget to put the safe aside and allow it to inadvertently get packed and put on the moving truck again!
    There are several other "helpful tidbits" to share on the subject of moving, but if I tell you all of them now, you'll never read my book when it's ready!  Just know that the advice that I have on the subject of moving as been, occasionally, learned the hard way.....you shouldn't have to learn it the hard way, too!



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