I have always (well, MOSTLY!) considered myself to be fairly intelligent and not easily deceived by spun tales of ghosts and apparitions...doppelgangers, if you will. Such facts and/or fables are best shared among friends over a bottle (or two, or three...) of wine, preferably Mad Housewife.  But as I am working on my book today, I find myself 1. giving deep thought to what I KNOW that I saw...and B.  Smiling, even laughing aloud at what I can only imagine others will think as they read the chapter I'm penning.  (Not with an actual pen, of course!)
    Every army installation we have ever been a part of has ghost stories that have been passed down for seemingly hundreds of years.  Books have been written, and narrated evening ghost tours are hosted in the fall in the spirit (like my play on words?) of the Halloween season.  The books and tours are wildly popular and quite entertaining.
    ...Until that afternoon in Fort Riley, KS when I met (my neighbor saw him, too!) who we affectionately dubbed the "Potty Poltergeist".  (Look, the dude was banished to our upstairs bathroom for all eternity for goodness sake!  He has repeatedly been sighted, and only ever in the upstairs bathroom!  Seriously!) 
    Now, I'm not one to tell a tall tale (unless it will somehow benefit me!)....however, there is a story here that I was "afraid" to tell anyone for fear that they would think I had lost it.  Until...the other three neighbors in our building confirmed the story!  (Jon and Lisa, Deena and Matthew and Jessica..........you all know what I'm talking about!) And for those of you who are not yet privy to the "potty poltergeist" mendacity, I am off to complete the chapter, thus officially making Sir Poltergeist a part of the Bell History. BOO!



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