It seems that as of late, everywhere we move has limited housing available on base.  I can remember my sister and her husband living on base in Hawaii....and knowing that they were fortunate to have acquired on base housing.  Just in case we aren't dealt the same stroke of luck, the boys and I have been researching our housing options.
    Initially, Koty was bent on living "on the beach".  Make no mistake about it, when it comes to living and sleeping arrangements, Middle Bell is VERY MUCH like his mom!  Case in point, he doesn't want to "rough it" on the beach....he envisions a home with French doors opening out to our yard which is, you guessed it, part grass and exotic plants and flowers, followed closely by fine sand and crashing waves.  (I love this about him!)  And, for those days when the beach just isn't what he's feeling, he would like the option to relax (next to his mom, of course!) by the infinity pool...also in our yard at the beach!
    Of course, with the news of tsunami effects in Hawaii, the desire to live so close to the beach is momentarily forgotten, thus saving dad thousands of dollars much to his delight. 
    Garren has a fear of natural Kansas, it was the threat of tornadoes.  The truth is, given a choice, Garren would stay right where we're at!  We are currently in a well-built (as far as we know!) brick house.  (Brick houses make Little Bell feel me, he's put some thought AND research into houses verses natural disasters and concluded that the only way to go is brick!)  I can't fault the little man....his vote will depend upon structure and safety.
    Enter Logan, who has a friend or two who will be moving to Hawaii this summer, as well.  His requirements aren't so much tied to luxury (TRAITOR!) as they are proximity to his peeps.  Of course, that means that when the time comes, I will count his vote with those on Team Mom's House.
    And yes, it may very well come to Team Mom and Team Dad, though it generally doesn't.  To remain prepared for any situation/surprise, I remind myself that Mike is a man who is perfectly content (as far as I know!) digging a hole in the woods for a restroom, eating MRE's (or popcorn for dinner at home, on occasion) and sleeping on top of a tank during snowfall.  Is this the man I want to choose our residence for the next three years?!  Well, that depends on what he comes up with!
    In the meantime, I've got about a month and a half left to gather whatever knowledge of housing options in Hawaii that I can.  And, truth be known, Mike has met me...he likes a happy home!  So, no worries, right???



Bethany Magee
03/15/2011 17:22

If Garrett had his way, we would live in a tent city ON the beach. :). We really wanted to be on post too but got shafted by Shafter. We are still on the list 9 months later just to see if they ever call us. We live in Ewa Beach - the commute sucks for Lee but I have made some great friends. If I could choose, regardless of travel time stuff, I would totally be on the North Shore. Love the people, food, and the beaches! --Bethany

03/18/2011 21:16

Wherever you move just make sure you have tons of bug spray...there are some ginormous waterbugs, roaches, or whatever you wanna call them suckers in Hawaii!


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