Having spent an inspired evening with a group of amazing army wives last night I felt that it was the right time to begin sharing my current project.  For years, I have talked about writing a book.  After all, I am the one who, when everyone else says "that couldn't possibly happen", has probably had it happen to me...twice!  At my age, that's a lot of potential book material!   After careless consideration, several months ago I began to put words to paper.  It soon became clear to me that I was in the midst of writing two manuscripts rather than one.  Though I would not have chosen to work on them simultaneously, there are moments when the material washes over me in waves and I struggle to pen each of them before the next comes crashing in.  With that in mind, I have chosen to move forward with both, rather than risk the loss of either.  I hope that you will travel along my satirical journey with me and we will arrive at the destination together.


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