It has been said that being an army wife is the hardest job in the army and while that sounds as though it could be accurate, it probably isn't.  I don't wear my husband's rank...I didn't earn it.  While I am certainly no withering flower in our home, Mike is the head of our household.  Final decisions on "real important stuff" come from him.  Realistically, Mike "outranks" me...EXCEPT when it comes to certain matters with the children.  For example, when issues arise at school, it is often helpful for Mike to make an appearance.  Quite frankly, it is impressive to see him in uniform sitting in the principal's office for a "discussion".  However, I am Mom...hear me roar!  While a military spouse ranks among the best of the best, they simply cannot compare to "Mama Bear" in action.  Make no mistake about it, I really am a nice (and sometimes reasonable) person!  Until I'm not anymore...then all bets are off!  It is with great pride that I wear the "Mom Rank" while sticking up for my children for no war holds the force of a mother's fury for her wronged (perception is key, of course!) child.


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