It used to be that the base commissary (grocery store) was synonymous with significant savings.  Of late, however, it appears that times are tough all over.  While there are still discounts to be had, one must do their homework ahead of time to incur a cost reduction with any gravity.
    For years, military wives have shared the wisdom (albeit somewhat cattily) of avoiding the commissary during certain hours due to the rush of retirees cruising the aisles.   (And I might add, they have done their homework!)  They are in no rush to get Billy from the elementary school and deliver him to his guitar/piano/drum lesson before he plays his starring position on the little league team.  Nor are they required to hurry and pick up Lynnette from the middle school and chauffeur her to violin lessons, the French tutor and cheerleader practice.  But the truth is, they have been there and they have done that.  And now they are living on a fixed income, often stretching the dollar to it's limit, something that this generation would be wise to learn from them.  This bothers me far less than  getting ambushed on the way into the parking lot by the husband and wife teams who shop for the entire month on payday!
    Here's my not plan your valentine's day meal, jot down your list of groceries and show up at the commissary on a Monday.  It hasn't been open on a Monday in the ten years I've been married to Mike....and valentine's day will certainly be no exception!



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