At the end of April I will be running (walking, jogging, crawling and crying!) the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon.  I have run several half-marathons, but never a full marathon.  Honestly, I can't imagine why in the world anyone would want to run a half, much less a full unless they are simply unaware of the distance involved.  I do it because of that damn movie, The Bucket List.
    I really wish I had known about fifteen years ago that I would hear of something called "The Bucket List" because I was several pounds slimmer then.  Dragging twenty (or so) extra pounds for such a distance sounds even less appealing, given the amount of ground to be covered. I am in the midst of training, hoping to cross the finish line and thus the full marathon off of my list.
    Make no mistake about it, I have absolutely NO intention of being one of those people who lives through their marathon and then decides that I'm pretty sure I could improve my time and tries again.  Nope.  Not me.  26.2 time.  No, I am that person who hopes that I make it through all 26.2 miles the first go-round so that there is no need for another attempt.  And yes, despite the pain, agony and overuse injuries that I have already incurred, I would try again.  But let's not discuss that now.  I'm still really banking on crossing the finish line on my first try, even if it means rolling across.
    I'm not so much looking forward to the marathon as I am looking forward to completing the marathon and celebrating the completion of the marathon.    I imagine that shortly after I crawl across the finish line I will burst into tears, particularly since I surprised myself and got a bit misty at the end of the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon. 
Crying at the end of a race is not unusual as an emotional release.  IT'S NOT!  There's research on this topic, people!
    Right now I can only say that I am in training for a marathon.  In fact, today's schedule says that I will be running 18 miles.  (Which sounds utterly ridiculous to me!)  But sometime on the afternoon of April 30th (or the morning of May 1st....or surely May 2nd at the latest!) I will be able to say that yes, I have run a marathon.  And then I (and my extra 20 or so pounds) will bask in the admiration of those around me.


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