There was a time, early in my stint as an army wife, that I believed living on an army base was synonymous with safety, security and responsibility to others as part of our greater family.  Those are all things that I still believe in....just not to the naivety of my past assumptions.
    Keeping military families cohesive requires a force greater than each individual family.  Stress brought on by frequent deployments, financial insecurities, the effects of moving and deployment on children, spousal employment and a variety of other issues demand a time-honored commitment among soldiers to care for the military family as a whole.  Our reliance upon one another occasionally breeds a feeling of trust where it is neither deserved or desired. 
    Occasionally I am reminded that human nature is in fact alive and well, both on and off base.  And though it has taken me longer to realize than I care to admit, rank does not equate to class.


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