Unedited book intro.


I spent my childhood in Leavenworth, Kansas, just outside the then-open gates of Fort Leavenworth, home of the Army’s Command and General Staff College.  As the daughter of a federal prison chaplain and a homemaker, my military experience growing up consisted solely of the new kids in class at the beginning of each school year who, by May, were headed on to a bigger and better place with their army families.  To say that I envied them their exotic futures would be an understatement.  As far as I could tell, they never had to do any spring cleaning chores.  They just packed up and moved away!

When I accepted my husband’s proposal, I didn’t have the routine stars in my eyes.   Honey, I had globes!  I just knew I was going to see the world!  We said “I do” in Leavenworth, Kansas.  One month later, the army moved us to our next assignment.  Fort Riley, Kansas. 

With nearly eleven years in the sisterhood of army wives, I have come to the conclusion that being a military spouse does not have to be intimidating.  Sure, there’s the whole pomp and circumstance thing.  And yes, rank and file, too.  In fact, there’s proper etiquette for nearly everything an army wife does!  We’re not going to cover that here, though I do recommend The Army Wife Handbook by Ann Crossley and Carol A. Keller.  It is a wealth of information!  You and I, however, are going to “get real” together.  I’m going to show you how a military wife rolls.



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