A few days ago I had the opportunity to have a lunch date with Mike.  While we sat amidst the ebb and flow of soldiers, doctors and nurses in the hospital cafeteria (an inexpensive date with a pretty fantastic salad bar!) we talked about upcoming events, one of them being Valentine's Day.  I told him not to worry about a gift for me this year.  I couldn't think of one thing that I truly wanted.  Maybe I'm growing up...maturing!   But maybe the truth is that I really do have all that I need, all that I want.  I've thought about it in the days since we sat at the lunch table and still nothing comes to mind.  A sign of maturity, no doubt.  But I really have begun to lean toward the realization that I do have those things that I need and want.  I am so fortunate that I have a loving family, near and far.  And as far as Mike being off the hook this year, I feel closer to him than I have in years.  We've reached a new level of comfort and understanding.   We are surrounded by so many families on the Fort Knox base who have a deployed spouse/parent that I feel so fortunate just to have him home at night, no matter how late the office keeps him.  Don't get me wrong...next year he may not be off the hook!  That remains to be seen!  But as we await orders to our next assignment, I am perfectly content.  My valentine IS Mike...and I love him dearly.


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