Everyone likes to get "something for nothing" every once in a while and the military family is no exception.  To that end, there are a great many companies and organizations who have gone out of their way to show military personnel and their families appreciation.  For me, it becomes something of a partnership as I strive to award those who recognize my husband's contribution to our country with business.      While Mike was deployed (and even now!), my absolute favorite discount was at the Great Wolf Lodge.  Using the HEROES offer code we received a reasonable price, felt appreciated AND had an adventure.  (This rate is offered to Armed Forces, Police, Fire, & EMS workers.) 
    I have also discovered that there are companies and organizations who may not have assigned offers for military personnel and their families, but are more than happy to offer a product(s) and or service (s) if asked.  In fact, a group of phenomenal army wives recently spent an evening together sharing stories at a wine tasting in my home, compliments of the Mad Housewife Wine Cellars simply because one of the wives asked if they would be willing to donate anything to our evening!  The group of ladies were not gathering as a club or organization, but simply as a group of friends who are also army wives.  The response from Mad Housewife was AWESOME!  Not only did we have several of their affordable wines to sample, we were also given a package of gifts that included specialty nail files, matches, spatulas and VERY COOL t-shirts for each guest!
     Initially I thought that the best part was that it had been free....my kind of price.  But I realized that wasn't the intent nor was the fact that Mad Housewife would be sent pictures that they could use as "free advertising".   The reality is that the staff at Mad Housewife Wine Cellars not only supports but also admires and even reveres the military wife.  Having come to this conclusion, I think that I may speak for all of us when I say that Mad Housewife was more than successful!
    I encourage you to research those companies and organizations who may be willing to offer something to you as a military family member, active or retired.  And more importantly, DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK!

     Also, please visit the Forums link so that you may add any freebies/discounts that you are aware of.  Additionally, visit the forum topic "Discounts/Freebies for Military Personnel and Families" often so that you may take advantage of offers you otherwise would not be aware of!


Amy Maxwell
04/13/2011 22:24

Small world. I followed the link from the madhousewifecellars blog and discovered a fellow Fort Knox Army Wife. Sounds like you ladies had a good time.


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05/09/2012 06:57

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08/22/2012 02:36

Good news for Military persons. As there family are getting discounts offers on certain products. It is really appreciable post. Thanks.

05/06/2013 06:11

I am really glad to hear this for Military persons.Its really good news for them.......


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