With news of each pending move, the process of going through the home cleaning and purging begins.  This move is no exception, although this time we have enlisted the help of our boys. 
    Arriving home from church yesterday, the skies were gray and an intermittent rain had been falling throughout the morning.  Dad took the opportunity to announce to his little soldiers that this would be a good time to pick up their rooms, getting rid of things that were no longer worn, played with or attended to. 
    I imagine that when Mike makes this suggestion at work, more likely than not it is acted upon.  Not these little soldiers!  It took a bit more persuasion before work commenced in the bedrooms (though I had begun work in mine immediately.  Hey, the man had issued an order as far as I was concerned!) 
    The layout of our house is rather unusual and a circle can be completed by starting in Koty's room, passing through the Jack-and-Jill style bathroom that connects to Logan's room into the sun porch that is Garren's room and finally into mom and dad's room and back into the hallway.  This means that normally Mike and I are able to hear most things that go on in the boys rooms.  The cleaning and purging activities were both interesting and entertaining.
    I listened as the boys offered to make certain items belong to their brother instead of themselves if the brother would just go ahead and put it away.  And, of course, there were conversations about their "collectibles", some of them Lego creations, cars and army men.
    The end result was that the boys made several trips to the basement to deposit their "dirty" clothes (though Mike did point out more than once that he hadn't seen certain items worn since Christmas!).  They also handed me their "bag for charity", a white trash bag with collections from all three rooms that was about 1/8 full.
    Looks as though, once again, mom will be doing the real cleaning and purging!


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