It's a crisp February day in Fort Knox, KY as I look out at the snow covered parade field and wonder where we'll be next year and whether or not there will be snow.  At this stage, Mike has turned in his assignment "wish list" to branch and is waiting for orders.  For me, this phase is a little bit like birthdays or Christmas.  I am filled with heady anticipation for the "gift" that holds our family's future (at least, for the next 1-3 years!).  Of course, army wives the world over hope for assignments in Hawaii, Japan or Germany all the while knowing that the odds of being tasked to Timbuktu are far greater!  For now, I must make the most of every opportunity that Fort Knox and the surrounding area have to offer me as I cannot be certain where we will be and what will be available to us once summer arrives.  And yes, I do hope for Hawaii, Japan or Germany!


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