"Twenty years ago today we crossed the border. My unit (4/7 Cav) was the lead element of the 3rd Armored Division of the 7th Corps. The first day was kind of easy it was the next 50-70 hours that got tense and brutal." -Joe Ortiz (Sgt. Joseph M. Ortiz was awarded Awarded Air Medal (AH-1 Mech)).

    My initial plan had been to  write about the experiences of Joe and his unit.  After reading "Riding Custer's Luck", however, it seemed that my plans were misplaced.  Far better that you are able to experience their story from them, rather than me!  It is my honor to share with you the attachment, "Riding Custer's Luck".

This a link to our roster - kind of makes you pause when you see the KIA and WIA we suffered.
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